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Children Dentistry

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Children Dentistry

Going to the dentist should be a positive experience for children, which is why we designed our dental office in Lake Forest to be the ideal environment. Our offices are cheerful with bright colors. All of our dental and orthodontic specialists at Baker Ranch Dentistry of Lake Forest are trained to work with children.

Our staff understands that going to the dentist can be stressful on children, which is why we take the time to clearly explain in friendly, simple language how treatments will be carried out.

At Baker Ranch Dentistry of Lake Forest, we ensure that each and every child receives individualized attention. Whether it is a first visit, regular check-up or an orthodontic appointment, it is our goal to make each patient leave with a smile.

Preventive Orthodontics

Many orthodontic problems are actually preventable if they are caught early enough.  That’s why Dr. Khoshsar’s interceptive program is so important for your child’s dental health.  While most children will not need early treatment, it is recommended that all children should see an orthodontist by age seven.  By guiding jaw development while your child is growing, Dr. Khoshsar can make room for permanent teeth and correct overbites, under bites, open bites and cross bites.  In addition to reducing the chance of gum disease, interceptive orthodontics can help you avoid the need for extractions or surgical correction in the future.

Teeth Sealants

Dental Sealants is a plastic coating that is incredibly thin and brushed onto the chewing surfaces of your molars or back teeth. We do so to prevent tooth decay. Food can easily become trapped inside the deep ridges on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These areas can be incredibly difficult to clean so at Baker Ranch Dentistry in Lake Forest, we prevent food and plaque buildup by sealing these ridges. By eliminating the areas for food to become trapped, the risk for cavities is decreased.

Fluoride Therapy

At our office in Lake Forest, we put a high premium on preventive dental care, especially for children. In our experience, the more attention a child’s oral health receives when they are young, the less dental work they will require when they get older. That is why we offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants at our Lake Forest Dental office. Don’t wait to get your teeth the most protection they can get. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


We recommend that patients visit our office for dental cleanings every three to six months, depending on your oral health needs. Examinations performed at each hygiene appointment include oral cancer screenings, as well as checking for any changes to the teeth, jaw joints, and other hard tissue structures.

Custom Sport Guards

For children that suffer from bruxism (also known as unconscious clenching and/or grinding), our custom night guards can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms and help protect their teeth from damage such as chips, cracks and even fractures.

Benefits of Night Guards

  • Prevent dental damage (chips, cracks, fractures, breaks)
  • Custom-made to properly protect teeth and feel comfortable.
  • Reduce the risk for restorative dental treatments later in life.

Want to make sure your child’s smile is properly protected? Contact Dr. Khoshsar to schedule an appointment. We’d be happy to discuss our mouthguards and determine if your child could benefit from one.

Custom port Guards

When it comes to playing sports, there is often a lot of protective equipment. Yet somehow parents forget to protect their child’s smile! With our custom sport mouth guards, your child can comfortably play sports while being protected from sports related dental injuries.

Benefits of Custom Sports Guards

  • Prevent dislodged teeth.
  • Prevent damage to teeth.
  • Custom-made to fit properly and comfortably.
  • Properly protects the teeth, tongue, lips and jaw.
  • Reduce the risk of more costly and invasive dental procedures.

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