From routine cleanings and fillings to professional surgeries/implants, Dr. Khoshsar is equipped to handle all your dental needs. To help you understand your options, we’ve included descriptions of some of our primary services to you as following:

  • Bonding
  • Cosmetic Contouring & Smile Design
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Specialty Dentures (Metal Free & flexible)
  • Cosmetic Fillings (Metal Free, Tooth Colored)
  • Contouring Excessive or Uneven Gums (by LASER)
  • Dental Implants surgeries & Restorations
  • ALL ON 4 (Complete jaw reconstruction over 4 implants)
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Orthodontics Treatment
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign (Clear Aligners)
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Extractions (Wisdom Teeth, Impacted)
  • Scaling and Root Planning (Deep cleaning)
  • Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Jaw / TMJ pain management
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Snore guards, Night guards

Initial Oral Examination

Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take x-rays, which includes the panoramic x-ray for proper visualization of the jawbones and sinuses, anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth as well as the bite-wing x-ray series for proper diagnosis of decay in-between teeth.


An alternative to veneers is a process called bonding, in which a tooth-colored filling material that looks like the enamel of your teeth is molded and shaped, and then hardened and polished.

Cosmetic Contouring
Teeth can become crooked, chipped, cracked, and even overlap as a result of many factors, including traumatic injury, bruxism (grinding) or even heredity. Cosmetic contouring and reshaping procedures can remedy, and in many cases, greatly improve these conditions.


The Invisalign® system is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth, achieving the dazzling smile you’ve always dreamed of. Using advanced 3-D computer-imaging technology, Invisalign depicts your complete treatment plan, from the initial position of your teeth to the final desired position.

Panoramic X-ray

Our  x–ray technology provides a full view of the upper and lower jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and sinuses.

Crowns and Bridges
Crowns or “caps”, usually made of a material like porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth. Bridges are natural-looking dental appliances that can replace a section of missing teeth. Because they are custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable and can restore the natural contour of teeth as well as the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth.

Cosmetic Fillings
There are alternative, natural-looking materials to conventional silver-colored fillings – materials made from porcelain and composite resins, which are colored to match natural tooth enamel.  They contain no mercury, and are less liable to crack teeth through constant expansion and contraction.

Dental Implants
Implants are titanium cylinders that are placed in the area of the tooth normally occupied by the root. A crown is then placed on top of the implant.  Implants are so well designed that they mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. Implants are as close as we can come to “re-growing” a permanent tooth.


Routine dental checkups are vital to good oral hygiene and are the best way to detect problems at their earliest stages. Early detection and treatment saves unnecessary discomfort, time and money. our Dentistry recommends checkups twice a year. Oral hygiene needs change with age and the condition of your teeth and gums.

Whitening procedures have effectively restored the smile of people with stained, dull, or discolored teeth.

When restoration procedures such as root canal therapy, crowns, or fillings are not enough to save a tooth, it may need to be pulled, or extracted.

Jaw / TMJ
People who grind their teeth can sometimes develop a serious problem with their jaw, which left untreated, can adversely affect the teeth, gums and bone structures of the mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry
People choose cosmetic dentistry (aesthetic dental procedures/surgery) for various reasons-to repair a defect such as a malformed bite or crooked teeth, treat an injury, or just improve their overall appearance. Whatever the reason, the ultimate goal is to restore a beautiful smile.