botox Botox

Most people know about Botox, but when they think about it they think more along the lines of cosmetic, not dental procedures. While it is true that Botox is mainly used to smooth out wrinkles by cosmetic surgeons, its use in dentistry is becoming more and more popular. Botox is the trademark for the botulinum toxin.

Dentists are now realizing that Botox can have significant benefits in their practice. Botox was designed to improve facial appearance and improve wellbeing. Many people who use Botox report feeling better about themselves so long as they achieve the desired results. Dentists are able to make better use of Botox for one simple reason – they are much better trained in the facial structure. They know about the chin, lips, jaw line and other areas of the face that patients seek to improve with Botox. Their specialized knowledge means that they can use Botox and get much better results.