Regular Dental Hygiene Visits

Ideally, individuals should have a cleaning once every six months. Regular cleanings prevent caries, cavities, and oral disease. Your cleanings will keep your pearly white teeth shining and your gums healthy. Regular cleanings also help to diminish instances of bad breath and gum disease.

Our office employs the most advanced dental hygiene techniques available to ensure that our patients receive the best standard of care possible. Along with regular cleaning duties, dental hygienists help to monitor for oral cancer and other dental health issues. This includes helping to prevent periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal (Gum) disease is a degenerative disease with horrible implications. The early stages involve inflammation of the gums, called gingivitis. This swelling and irritation are due to the presence of harmful bacteria. This bacterium can produce pain, bleeding, and bad breath.

Left unchecked, your oral health will continue to deteriorate. After a prolonged period of time, the bone and other hard structures that support the teeth will begin to recede. This results in deep pockets that harbor more odor-producing bacteria and eventually loss of teeth. This level of decay can require treatments that range from surgery to a deep cleaning that involves scaling and planning the roots of the teeth.

 Periodontal health doesn’t need to become a serious issue. Regular visits to your local dentist coupled with regular dental cleanings will allow you to avoid ever developing periodontal disease. Call our office now, so we can help maintain your healthy smile.

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