invisalign InvisalignCrooked teeth are a pretty common problem in both adults and children. Unfortunately, the process to straighten them out is painful in more ways than one. The traditional way of straightening teeth involves the use of silver braces which are highly visible. Since most people start the process of straightening their teeth when they reach their teenage years these wires make them feel very self conscious. In fact, the process of straightening teeth using braces can lead to a lifetime of self consciousness which will affect many other areas of life.

Invisalign is a process that is used to straighten teeth without the anxiety that comes with the use of braces. It uses clear plastic trays that are transparent so no one will notice that you are wearing braces when you smile. It is the perfect way for teenagers and adults to straighten their teeth because other people don’t get to know that they are wearing “braces”. The trays that are used in Invisalign are straightened and customized during the process to ensure perfect straightening. Other than being discreet, there are several additional benefits of wearing Invisalign teeth strengtheners:

• You will get a straighter smile in the end because the orthodontist adjusts trays during the treatment process. The adjustment period and the number of trays that you will wear will depend on how crooked your teeth are to begin with.

• Whereas it can take years to straighten out teeth using wire braces, Invisalign takes a shorter time. The average person will need to wear trays for about 18 months after which they will have perfectly straight teeth. It is, however, important to mention that Invisalign doesn’t work for very crooked teeth – those need traditional wire braces.

• One of the most common complaints about braces is that they are painful. Each time they are tightened it takes a few days for the pain to disappear. You will not have to endure any pain or discomfort with Invisalign because there is no tightening involved. Invisalign can also be taken out at any time.

• With Invisalign you can eat anything that you like – take out the trays, eat, brush your teeth and put them back on.

Are there any cons of using Invisalign?

As you pay for Invisalign it is important to be armed with all the information, so here are a few cons of this straightening process that you should know about. The first is that Invisalign can only be used on fully developed teeth, which means that it is not suitable for children. It is however perfectly safe for teenagers to use. Another con of Invisalign is that it has to be worn for at least 22 hours a day if you want to see results in the 18 month duration that we mentioned earlier.

How to prepare for your Invisalign treatment

There really isn’t much for you to do by way of preparation for this dental treatment. It is important to make sure that you work with the right orthodontist – one who is an expert on Invisalign. They will take molds of your teeth so that they can prepare your trays. After you have your first tray placed the orthodontist will let you know when you can come in for an adjusted one – usually two or three weeks later.

Make sure that you know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist before you book your treatment – if you book your Invisalign adjustment from a dentist you may not get the results that you are looking for because they are not trained in teeth adjustment. You should make sure that the doctor works permanently in the clinic that you have selected – if he visits from time to time he may not be available for all your appointments.

Many people will tell you that although they would have liked to have Invisalign for teeth straightening they were put off by the high cost. It is true that Invisalign costs more than wire braces, but there are ways that you can pay for it. Start by looking into your insurance company – there could be a clause in your policy that allows for teeth straightening. Many of the top Invisalign orthodontists also have payment plans. This means that you put down a small amount at the beginning of your treatment and then pay the balance slowly over an agreed period.

What you should know before you go in for Invisalign

• You need to be disciplined about keeping your trays in place for 22 hours a day. You should only take them out when eating and drinking, but soon as you are done make sure to clean your teeth and put your retainers back on. If you don’t wear them for the prescribed period the process of straightening teeth will take longer and possibly cost you more.

• You cannot wear lipstick when you have Invisalign retainers on – it will end up on them and they will not be invisible any more. You can opt for a good lip balm instead.

• Coffee is not a good idea when you have your retainers on. It seeps into them and over time may stain your teeth. It also encourages the growth of bacteria. While you have Invisalign aligners you should hydrate on water most of the time. An unexpected benefit of this is that by avoiding sugary drinks you will lose weight.

Lastly, if an orthodontist tells you that you can expect straighter teeth in a few days they are not being honest – straightening teeth using Invisalign takes time, so be patient.